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Purchasing a home is a huge decision but comes with a lot of benefits! That is why we are here to walk you through the financing process. Fill out an application today!

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About a home loan and how does it work

Buying a house is difficult, so we will help you get there! There are many different types of loans you could qualify for depending on debt-to-income ratio, credit score, and down payment among other factors. Choosing the right option is important as it can affect how much money you put towards your down payment and whether or not you pay insurance. The most common loan types are FHA and CONV. Generally, we recommend putting 20% down on CONV loans for borrowers with higher credit scores as this doesn’t require mortgage insurance.

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We usually follow 7 steps to get your loan closed

    • Loan Application First step in obtaining a loan is to determine how much money you can borrow. In the case of buying a home, you should determine how much home you can afford even before you begin looking. By filling out a loan application and answering a few simple questions, we will calculate your buying power!
    • Upload Supporting Documents Securely upload all your supporting documents such as income, asset, and identification documents.
    • Pre-Approval This is a letter stating how much house you can afford. Use this to go out and submit offers with your agent, if you are working with one. Pre-Approvals are powerful because they show you are a serious buyer, and you are more likely to win!
    • Select The Right Loan Program Home loans comes in many shapes and sizes. Deciding which loan makes the most sense for your financial situation and goals means understanding the benefits of each.
    • Rate Lock and Final Approval After a seller accepts your offer.
    • Final Loan Documents After we receive your final approval from underwriting, we’ll draw your loan documents.
    • Close Your Loan After your loan is approved, you are ready to sign the final loan documents. You must review the documents prior to signing and make sure that the interest rate and loan terms are what were promised. The closing agent normally coordinates all the final documents that need to be signed.
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